Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A day with the family #RouasEdition !

And here comes my outfit :D . 
 So as you can see this is my outfit edition for a get together with the family . Mine is more girly than Miriam's outfit , well I think this outfit is for those girls who like to be more elegant as I like to say And  if I was to describe this outfit in three words I would've said effortless, chic and classic !! 

                       Wearing : 
                    Jeans :: Zara 
                    Blazer :: Zara 
                    Shoes :: Zara 
                    T-shirt :: Zara 


As you can see I have a Zara obsession , I know that's bad ... The only thing that I can say right know is go get you jeans and your fave t-shirt and to finish it all  throw over a blazer and your good to go ! ;) . 
 This was it for today , i wish you liked it and if there Is anything special that you want send us a message on Facebook : Curlyheadedchicgirls and like our page  plus follow me on Instagram : ROUAMILEY , love ya all ! 

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