Monday, February 24, 2014

Casual outfit !

Wearing : jacket : Zara , shirt : USPA polo , vest : Mango , jeans : Topshop , shoes : pull and bear , sunglasses : Ray ban.
  This is what I call a casual outfit! I love denim vests but unfortunately I have only 3 :( , and Oxford shoes in my opinion are the best foundation for a casual outfit :D . 
 And I had to mention that finally the weather is getting hotter here , I am really excited for spring because it's my favorite season :D ! BTW if u try any of my ideas please send us photoes on twitter with the #curlyheadchisgirls and follow me on insta : ROUA MILEY , Love Ya <3! 

 Wearing : shoes : H&M , jeans : Zara ,t-shirt : bershka , cardigan : bershka.
 And here comes my outfit , do you guys like it ? :D , I Love it! First because I am wearing my FAV cardigan and I fell like it's the most simple outfit ever and chic at the same time , don't u agree with me?:D 
 If you try it out send me pics on twitter with the #curlyheadedchicgirls and follow me on insta : SWE3T SUGAR <3! 

     P.S. : sorry for not posting on Sunday as our regular basics but we had some problems yesterday so we couldn't , this won't happen again we will try to keep our promise , have a nice day :D   

Sunday, February 16, 2014

White jeans in a winter outfit :D!

                             Wearing : Shirt:Zara ( out of stock) ,Pants:Zara ( still available)
                              ,Coat:Zara (out of stock) ,boots: Dc. Martens (always available)

 I decided to incorporate a pair of basic white jeans in a winter outfit , and i paired it with my favorite shirt in my closet at the end i decided to throw over this basic black Zara Studio coat.
 I like this outfit because its a really simple chic outfit and dressy at the same time , white jeans in winter are a basic to me they look really cool in my opinion :D!
 Try to incorporate a pair of white jeans in your outfit and i'm sure you will like it as much as i do , and pair them with a white jumper or a white shirt because white on white is a big trend now or you can just wear it casual with a black shirt or something like that .
 I wish i was helpful :D, and send me pic's on twitter with the #curlyheadedchicgirls if you try it and follow me on instagram : ROUAMILEY , Love ya <3 !

Friday, February 7, 2014

A night out with the Family <3!

This is my outfit for a night out with the family , we didn't go somewhere fancy we went to a Junk food Restaurant the name of the Restaurant is Ruby Tuesday 

Details on my outfit : cardigan: Mango (out of stock) shirt: Bershka (still available) 
Jeans: Topshop (still available) shoes: Dr Martens (always available) . 
 This is what we had for our dessert it was deliiiiiiicious , guys u have to try it , if you didn't it's the best thing ever !! It's called the fondue chocolate cake with ice cream ,and also the strawberry lemonade was perfect , I love this Restaurant it has the best food and dessert ! 
 We actually went to dinner to celebrate my dad's b-day :D , I got him a watch as a gift for his b-day and 2 shirts , we had  so much fun that day :D<3 . 
So now let's talk about my outfit well it's a simple outfit as u can see I am wearing a simple shirt with a number on it they are really trendy these days with a paire of black high waisted jeans and a cardigan, this look is effortless and at the same time edgy I love this look :D in my oppinion every girl needs a paire of black jeans and black combat boots or a basic paire of Dc. Martens . If you try out this look please send me a pic with it on Twitter with the hashtag #curlyheadedgirloutfit :D love ya all <3! FYI: our twitter account is @SiiSitas 

Jeans : Zara (out of stock) , boots : Zara kids (out of stock) , blazer : Kotton ( still available). 
 And This is my outfit it's a really simple effortless outfit I really didn't have time to dress up in the morrning so I decided to wear a simple pear of jeans and plain black boots with a basic black t-shirt and over that I decided to throw my amazing blazer that I really love and I think that this blazer makes the whole outfit , a pieace of advice from me to you would be always try to buy really nice edgy chic diffrent kind of jackets or blazers because they can turn a simple outfit to a trendier effortless chic outfit  ! 
This is our outfits for our family dinner, celebrating my dad's b-day :D! 
I wishe you liked our post today and please give us ur opinion on our posts , love ya all and have a nice day <3! 
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