Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Back :D !

 Oh guys , what can I say I'm back well I'm sure you are all wondering why I didn't post last week well we were so busy with our exams and etc .. We still didn't finish our exams but now we have like the easier ones , so it's ok ! 
 OMG !! I really missed posting :))) . Well I didn't give this post a special title but for sure I am going to give u a special outfit , well actually it's not that special it's just my sister's outfit :)) , here you go : 

                     Outfit details : 
                     Jeans :: Zara 
             Shoes :: Local Boutique 
                     T-shirt :: Zara 
                     Jacket :: Zara 
                      Bag :: H&M

 You can see that she is my sister because we both have a Zara obsession :)) anyway lets not talk about that , so I think this is it for today and I wish you luck if you have exams like we do and thank you for being patient with us and I have to say that I can't promise that this won't happen again :)). Follow us on Instagram : ROUAMILEY , Swea3tsugar 
And Facebook : Curlyheadedchicgirls , love you all <3!   

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