Monday, March 31, 2014

Throwback ! <3

 And There Is a Picture With everything :

   So as you can see all this pic's were taken in my trip to Antalya , so I am going to dedicate this whole post to my faivorite trip ! 
 First I want to apologize for being late on this post and the reason why is becouse this post took me a lot to think of , so I'm sorry ! :( 
 Now I have to tell you everything about it ...  In this trip I was invited by the most famouse designer in romania Catalin Botezatu back stage at his fashion show it is one of the high lights in my life ! I enjoyed it a lot , plus the food was delicious there and the weather was perfect , I had an amazing time with my family and friends , it was PERFECT ! 
  I also have to say that I gained some weight there :)) , but who cares where teens . ;) 
 So I think this is it for today's post , I'm sorry again and I promise this won't happen again ( I know that I promise this all the time :P ) I wished you liked it and if you have any questions send them to me on twitter : @SiiSitas , and follow me on Instagram : ROUA MILEY . Have a lovely day <3!    

Monday, March 24, 2014

Street style !


 I like to call this post " The street style in Romania" . 
 This whole week I hunted for some cool outfits in the street and I think this are the best and the easiest to recreate and my personal faves ! :D 
 The second outfit is the most calorful the first is more of a casual outfit and the last is the chicest one in my opinion all of them are easy to recreate . 
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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sportier vibes !

Wearing : blazer : Zara , trousers : Zara , t-shirt : Zara , bag : H&m , shoes : Vero Moda . 
  My outfit today is more of a Chic outfit. I was wearing this outfit yesterday when we went to Hotel Marriot to have dinner , and I was in the mood of a comfy but still chic outfit . 
 So yea that's right this outfit is more sporty but it still has an elegant vibe to it , and what makes it like this is I think the blazer and the jwellery . And as you can see I like to mix and match with my clothing items  becouse my style should describe me as who I am and what I like , and you should always wear what you like and fell in it confident, you don't have to be trendy ALWAYS ! becouse all the outfits that you wear should describe your personality . 
 I wished you liked my outfit today and please give me  your opinion and send me blog posts ideas on twitter @Siitas , and follow me on Instagram : ROUA MILEY , love ya <3! 

Wearing : t-shirt : Gap , jeans : Zara , shoes : Collective , jacket : Zara . 
 I am also wearing a sportier outfit and I am also wearing boyfriend jeans my faves :D . 
 This pair of shoes are AMAZING I think they make the whole outfit. When I first bought them I made a whole outfit over this pair of shoes , so I am like obsessed. I would call this outfit Dressy Casual . 
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Have a nice day <3 ! 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

How to style Boyfriend jeans....

  Boyfriend jeans are the best thing in the whole world , in my opinion they make the whole outfit , they are a perfect item ! 
   As you can see we chose a selections of outfits that incorporate the "boyfriend jeans" . The first one is M.C 's outfit , simple and chic at the same time she is wearing a white t-shirt and a bronze cardigan and high heeled brown boots with a large black bag , but in the secound pic you can see a more dressy outfit as I like to call it because she is wearing a more dressy blazer with strappy high heeled sandals. The third outfit  is my favorite one it is Daniel's outfits aka We Wore What , she is wearing this amazing studed blazer with a white t-shirt and ankle boots but she is also rocking a really cool floppy hat , if you can see in all four outfits they are wearing white t-shirts.The last but not least is an outfit that incorporates the black and white trend and a pop of blue really cool outfit in my opinion . 
   So this is the end of our blog post , wished you enjoyed it and was also helpful , follow us on insta : ROUA MILEY , SWE3TSUGAR . Love ya <3!