Monday, May 26, 2014

A day with the family, #MiriamsEdition !

Sometimes it can be hard to choose an outfit when your going out with the family or you know like a get together with whole family and OFC you want to look your best but you still don't want to be over dressed .... So here I come showing you how you can look chic and comfy at the same time and believe me you can do that with a basic white shirt and some  black skinny jeans but don't forget if your going that simple you still want somthing to pop in your outfit, right? So here comes the shoes and the accessories in help ! :)) 
 Here is the outfit that Miriam choose for a get together with the family : 
                  I'm Wearing : 
          Shoes :: Local boutique
               Jeans :: Bershka  
              Shirt :: Pull & Bear    
                  Hat :: Zara  

So this is it , I wish you liked it and got some inspiration . Love ya all and don't forget to follow Miriam on Instagram : Swe3tsugar , and like our page on Facebook :Curlyheadedchicgirls.
 P.S : don't forget to come back on Wednesday for #RouasEdition <3. 

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