Sunday, October 26, 2014

#MyFav.2014SummerOutfit !

 Basically the weather here has been CRAP ! It even started snowing yesterday , ridiculous... Right ? 
 So as I like to say bye bye sunny , hot fall and welcome horrible bad coldy fall Because you know it's still October ... On  that note I decided to give a small shoutout in my opinion best outfit I've wore this summer , and hereeee you go :     


            Whole outfit from :: Zara 
                    Bag :: H&M 
                 Jewelry :: H&M 
 Every piece in my outfit even the shoes (apart from the jewelry) are sold out , but wait ... I'm pretty sure you can find a similar skirt on and shoes as well ! 
 I love love love this look because first thing first it's a really stylish , chic and efortless look and plus it's so comfy !! Also the whole color and print combination fit really well together and this outfit inspires me a lot I wish it would inspire you as well because this outfit is not my usual go to look not just because of the colors and prints it's because wearing a skirt it's not something I usually gravitate towards it's actually me stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new and colorful and I turned out loving it ... Never be scared of trying something new because only God can judge you and as I like to say you only live once , right ?  ;) . 
 I wish you liked it as much as I did and gave you the inspiration you needed , thank you guys so much and don't forget to follow us on Instagram : ROUAMILEY and SWE3TSUGAR , like us on facebook : Curlyheadedchicgirls , love you all and don't forget to stay classy ! xo . 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Favorite season of the year !

 Fall and spring are just simply the best seasons of the year but We both do prefer fall a little bit more , why ? Hmmmmm .. Because hands down the temperature is perfection you can be  inside drinking a hot chocolate but it's not freezing outside plus school starts again and everything feels new ! 
 I basically like fall because it's such an inspiring season for me or us... and I do really enjoy watching the leaves changing their color . There's another little tinny reason That we prefer fall more than any other season it's because we can obviously start wearing our trench coats and our cozy , fuzzy sweaters and jumpers ! Plus I do have to say that the weather here in buchurest has been really nice and sunny we are loving it ! 
 And here is an outfit that can show you that wearing color in colder seasons is not a crime ! :)).:                

                     Shoes :: Nikes 
         ( still available in 
                    Jeans :: topshop 
              ( still available in stores ) 
                   Bag :: accessories  
                  Cardigan :: Bershka 
     ( still available in the basics section ) 
                   T-shirt :: Stradivarius 
  P.S.: Notice there is no zara in my outfit shocking right ( if you know me I do love anything zara :)):P ) ! 
 And here is Sisita's darker version of a fall outfits : 

                 T-shirt :: bershka 
                   Jeans :: zara
                     Hat :: zara 
             Shoes :: local boutique  
              Shirt :: local boutique 
 There is a bit of color in there right , so it's not an all black outfit , basically :)) . 
 Thank you for being patient with us and sorry for not posting anything for a while it's a really long story and I'm sure my next post will be why I was nearly going to quite blogging but luckily I didn't :D , Love you all and don't forget to follow us on Instagram : ROUAMILEY and SWE3TSUGAR , and like us on facebook  : Curlyheadedchicgirls , stay classy muah <3! XoXo .