Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A day with the family #RouasEdition !

And here comes my outfit :D . 
 So as you can see this is my outfit edition for a get together with the family . Mine is more girly than Miriam's outfit , well I think this outfit is for those girls who like to be more elegant as I like to say And  if I was to describe this outfit in three words I would've said effortless, chic and classic !! 

                       Wearing : 
                    Jeans :: Zara 
                    Blazer :: Zara 
                    Shoes :: Zara 
                    T-shirt :: Zara 


As you can see I have a Zara obsession , I know that's bad ... The only thing that I can say right know is go get you jeans and your fave t-shirt and to finish it all  throw over a blazer and your good to go ! ;) . 
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Monday, May 26, 2014

A day with the family, #MiriamsEdition !

Sometimes it can be hard to choose an outfit when your going out with the family or you know like a get together with whole family and OFC you want to look your best but you still don't want to be over dressed .... So here I come showing you how you can look chic and comfy at the same time and believe me you can do that with a basic white shirt and some  black skinny jeans but don't forget if your going that simple you still want somthing to pop in your outfit, right? So here comes the shoes and the accessories in help ! :)) 
 Here is the outfit that Miriam choose for a get together with the family : 
                  I'm Wearing : 
          Shoes :: Local boutique
               Jeans :: Bershka  
              Shirt :: Pull & Bear    
                  Hat :: Zara  

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 P.S : don't forget to come back on Wednesday for #RouasEdition <3. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

How to look chic on a bike !

 Today in this post we are going to show you how to look chic on a bike ... Here you go this is my outfit : 

Wearing : Jumpsuit :: Bershka | shoes :: Converse | T-shirt :: Topshop | sunglasses :: Ray-Ban | backpack :: local boutique | hat :: H&M 
 And this is Miriam's outfit : 

 Wearing : shoes :: Zara | hat :: Zara | sunglasses :: Pimkie | dress : Zara  
 Thesse are two simple outfits that you can easily recreate and I am gonna tell you how ... well in mine you can see a simple but still put together chic outfit , it is really just the jumpsuit that makes it all and also the bag and the hat .. They go  perfect together ! 
 Well Miriam's outfit is an all black outfit , even if it's summer she still wears black !!  In her outfit you can see that she is wearing high low black dress with boots and tights and let me say that I love her hat , i think it's perfect with all the leather details ... Love it !! 
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Sunday, May 18, 2014

#LastDayOfSchool !!

Outfit details : Dress :: H&M | Shoes :: Bershka | Bag :: New look | sunglasses :: a local boutique | Jeans Jacket :: Zara 
 Last day of school ... Ok that sounds perfect to me !! I don't really like school but come on who likes it , right ?:)) anyway , as you can see I am wearing a dress and I don't usually wear dresses because I don't fell comfortable in them and I know that is weird ... So because it's the last day of school I said why not step out of my comfort zone and put a dress on my body . 
 This is a girly fun simple kind of outfit ...   The dress is a blue crochet lace dress and I cinched it at the waist with a brown belt that matches my shoes and bag and i also wore this Jeans jacket that i really like and added some simple accesories like a watch and a paire of sunglasses . 
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 F.Y.I my school will end on the 24th of June , when is your school going to end I would love to know <3

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Midi skirts obsession !

Hey guys , today we decided to talk about midi skirts and how much we love them ! 
 Well we love midi skirts because they are flattering on all body types and they look perfect on everyone .. Plus they elongate your legs and I think that's a bonus , but still they aren't everyones cup of tea . 
 Here are some midi skirts that we picked up and thought you would like them : 

 This one is from Forever 21 and it's very affordable it costs : 29,80 $ , they are the faux leather midi skirt and This one is Miriam's fave , she loves everything that is black ! :)) 

 This one is from H&M and I LOVE it !! I'm  so digging the all-white trend this summer and can't wait to rock it .I think I am going to get that skirt because it is perfection !! It costs : 62 $ it's a bit on the pricey side but I think it's worth it ! 

 Both of the skirts are perfect ofc they are from Zara ( typical me ) I love the color combination and the print on the secound skirt it's just the perfect floral skirt and I don't really like floral things they just aren't my cup of tea but I think this floral print is perfect .... And the first skirt is a simple but still chic skirt that can be dressed down or dressed up , you can wear it at an event or on a casual Monday . 
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Sunday, May 11, 2014



Wearing: shoes: Vans , sweater: Stradivarius , jeans: Zara , bag: accessories.
Another spring outfit as you can see ... But this one is a more laid back casual outfit for a day at the park or maybe a shopping day , well actually I wore this outfit to a concert (don't judge me :)) ) and I also have to say that I've been wearing this pair of shoes non stop since the day I bought them I'm addicted to them and that's not good :)) ! 
 That was a short post but as you can see it was an ootd , I wish it gave you some inspiration . Don't forget to follow me on Instagram : ROUAMILEY and check our page on Facebook : Curlyheadedchicgirls and don't forget to like it .
P.S from now on we will post on Sundays and Wednesdays , we will see if that works anyway love you all and enjoy your day ,plus happy moms day <3!