Sunday, April 27, 2014

Vans ..."OFF THE WALL" !

Wearing : T-shirt: Bershka , Jeans: Bershka , Blazer: Zara , Bag: Zara , Shoes: Vans .
  We both just got new pairs of vans , actually Sisita gifted them to me :P , anyway we were so excited about it ,so we went a little bit crazy and made a whole outfit over a pair of shoes (typical us) .. Who does that!! tell us we aren't the only ones :)) . 
  And back to the outfit :)) , it's not a really colorful outfit but believe me it's enough for me :)) , a I actually haven't worn this blazer for a long time but I thought it looked perfect with the shoes so it really looks perfect they were made for each other :P. 

Wearing : Top: Zara , Cardigan: Kotton , Jeans: Zara , Bag: Zara , Shoes: Vans , sunglasses : Ray Ban .
  My outfit is a really colorful one comparing to Sisita's outfit, u can see blue, purple and my shoes are neon . 
  I was going to wear my taylor swift brown bag ( this is the way I like to call it ) 
But I didn't because I have lots and lots of colors in my outfit so I decided not to ! :)) .
 I wish you liked our post , please give us your opinion on our outfits , thank you<3!
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Thursday, April 24, 2014

My trip to Istanbul !

 I had an amazing time in Istanbul , it was a successful trip had fun with my family and friends enjoyed my time there , long story shot it was PERFECT !! <3_<3 
 Plus we visited a really cool island called Buyugada island , it was really hot but believe me if you ever go to istanbul you have to visit that island , here are some pic's : 
 And here is my full outfit for that day : 

 And we also went to the theme park there it's amazing really big and fun :D ! It's called Vialand , here are some pic's : 

And here is my outfit for that day : 

 We also visited the aquarium there it's a really cool place, best aquarium I've ever been to !! , here are the photos  : 

And here is my outfit for that day : 

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 F.Y.I : all these photoes were taken by my iphone .

Sunday, April 13, 2014


 This are outfits that we choose for the music festival season :    

 If your going to a music festival one thing to know is to wear comfy shoes that you can walk in and also don't forget to wear less accessories , PLUS drink lots of water !!! 
 I wish you liked the outfits. We choose outfits that are simple to recreate , have a nice day, Love ya  <3! 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring vibes ;)!

T-shirt : H&M , dress : H&M , bag : Zara , 
Headband : H&M , sunglasses : Zara , shoes : Asos . 
 This is what I would call a winter to spring transitioned outfit . 
 This outfit has a spring vibe to it because 
 Of the headband that gives a pop of colour to the outfit and the t-shirt has a pinkie beige color ,as I like to call it "sprinkey beige " . I know that this outfit hasn't got lots of color but it is still the beginning of spring here in Romania . 
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