Sunday, May 18, 2014

#LastDayOfSchool !!

Outfit details : Dress :: H&M | Shoes :: Bershka | Bag :: New look | sunglasses :: a local boutique | Jeans Jacket :: Zara 
 Last day of school ... Ok that sounds perfect to me !! I don't really like school but come on who likes it , right ?:)) anyway , as you can see I am wearing a dress and I don't usually wear dresses because I don't fell comfortable in them and I know that is weird ... So because it's the last day of school I said why not step out of my comfort zone and put a dress on my body . 
 This is a girly fun simple kind of outfit ...   The dress is a blue crochet lace dress and I cinched it at the waist with a brown belt that matches my shoes and bag and i also wore this Jeans jacket that i really like and added some simple accesories like a watch and a paire of sunglasses . 
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 F.Y.I my school will end on the 24th of June , when is your school going to end I would love to know <3

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