Monday, March 31, 2014

Throwback ! <3

 And There Is a Picture With everything :

   So as you can see all this pic's were taken in my trip to Antalya , so I am going to dedicate this whole post to my faivorite trip ! 
 First I want to apologize for being late on this post and the reason why is becouse this post took me a lot to think of , so I'm sorry ! :( 
 Now I have to tell you everything about it ...  In this trip I was invited by the most famouse designer in romania Catalin Botezatu back stage at his fashion show it is one of the high lights in my life ! I enjoyed it a lot , plus the food was delicious there and the weather was perfect , I had an amazing time with my family and friends , it was PERFECT ! 
  I also have to say that I gained some weight there :)) , but who cares where teens . ;) 
 So I think this is it for today's post , I'm sorry again and I promise this won't happen again ( I know that I promise this all the time :P ) I wished you liked it and if you have any questions send them to me on twitter : @SiiSitas , and follow me on Instagram : ROUA MILEY . Have a lovely day <3!