Sunday, March 9, 2014

How to style Boyfriend jeans....

  Boyfriend jeans are the best thing in the whole world , in my opinion they make the whole outfit , they are a perfect item ! 
   As you can see we chose a selections of outfits that incorporate the "boyfriend jeans" . The first one is M.C 's outfit , simple and chic at the same time she is wearing a white t-shirt and a bronze cardigan and high heeled brown boots with a large black bag , but in the secound pic you can see a more dressy outfit as I like to call it because she is wearing a more dressy blazer with strappy high heeled sandals. The third outfit  is my favorite one it is Daniel's outfits aka We Wore What , she is wearing this amazing studed blazer with a white t-shirt and ankle boots but she is also rocking a really cool floppy hat , if you can see in all four outfits they are wearing white t-shirts.The last but not least is an outfit that incorporates the black and white trend and a pop of blue really cool outfit in my opinion . 
   So this is the end of our blog post , wished you enjoyed it and was also helpful , follow us on insta : ROUA MILEY , SWE3TSUGAR . Love ya <3! 

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