Sunday, January 11, 2015

Rome aka "The Eternal City" !

Rome is like an outdoor museum like a museum in air , that's the only way I can describe it basically ! 
 In each corner of these beautiful city you can find something that comes with a story that has a whole history behind that is why I like to call it a museum in air ... That is one of the reasons I love Rome. I love cities like this because when you leave the city you think that you know the city and that you saw everything but actually you saw and found out only a small piece of it and that ofc makes you want to go back and visit the city again , that is when you know you fell in love with it  and that for sure in the near future You will want to come and visit it again . I enjoyed my stay there and as most of you didn't know I did spend the holidays there ( Christmas and New Year's Eve ) and it was amazing the city isn't that cold but i have to say that the last 4 days of my stay the weather got a little bad but it was ok ! I highly recommend it to anyone who likes spending New Year's Eve somewhere else other than his hometown ! There were so many fireworks but I'm really sorry that I didn't get see them all because we stayed inside , it was really cold that day ! A lot of things had happened there but it's okay and I'm really happy for the over all experience and that I got to share it with the ones I love and care about ! 

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